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On this page we will take some of your details. These are both for us and to appear on your website. Later on you will see that we keep different versions of your name and email address to display on your website and for us to use. You will be able to change any of these details at any time after you have created your website by following these steps.

First we need your e-mail address. You will use this address when you log in to make changes to your website. We will send an activation email to this address, so it must be one that you have access to. Later on you will be able to choose different email addresses for us to use and to appear on your website.

Now your password which must be more than 6 characters long.

Type the same password here again. That way we can each be sure of what you typed.

Enter your first name here. We use this name when creating the initial text for your website, so you may want to use the form that you would like your clients to use.

Enter your last name here.

Enter your phone number. This will appear on your website and so should be the number that you would like clients to use. Later you can change the number that we have, in case you would like us to have a different number to the one on your site.

Enter your address here. We do not put your address on your website automatically, although we do use the town extensively for your google keywords, google description and initial text (all of which you can change later).

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